Our Policies

Well, since "Our" is "My" Policies...we'll keep it simple!

Fees paid per year: The year starts when payment is received and goes till same date next year. If you don't renew that service/listing, it will expire. If I have time I will make an effort to email and remind you to renew it but I can't guarantee that I will get to everyone so please make a note when your listing comes up for renewal.  (Effective 2010: to reduce paperwork I am putting everyone on an invoicing schedule of April 1st each year.  If you pay partway through the year, you will be prorated for part of the year and put on the same schedule as everyone else the next billing date.)

IF you go out of business or change your contact information, PLEASE!!! notify me so that I can pull off or modify your listing. NOTHING makes a directory unpopular as fast as dead links and out of date information. I will not be calling your business each month to make sure someone still answers the phone... so please take responsibility for notifying me if something changes.  If you are browsing the directory and know for sure that a business is no longer there, please let me know.

This directory is for "Equine-Related" businesses. Apparel and jewelry with horses on it is borderline but will be allowed. Things which are NOT equine related are NOT allowed. If you sell perfume or cars... that should go on some other general business directory.

No obscene, pornographic or illegal material will knowingly be listed or promoted on here. This site is meant to be viewed by all age groups.

If you submit your listing and don't see it within 10 days, please assume that it has gone astray somehow and resubmit it. If there's any problem with putting a listing on I would contact you to resolve it, not just ignore it.

All businesses have equal opportunity to be listed on here, I will not accept advertising from Business A on condition that Business B not be listed. This site is here as a SERVICE to Equestrians.

Not responsible for errors or loss of business due to errors in listings. I "cut and paste" from your submission form and emails as much as possible, so please ensure you submit correct information and check after your listing is posted to ensure it is correct.

My personal opinions on the training and care of horses are not considered in putting listings on - because a system of training or product is listed on this site does not mean I agree with its use, but it will be listed anyway.

I reserve the right to advertise my website and graphics design business on this site... I built it, pay for its hosting and spend hours working on it... at least I get some "free" advertising! You'll notice the "free" is in quotation marks to denote sarcasm! :-)

If you want more information about me and who I am, please visit my "Dyck Websites" site... as far as horses go I am an active horseperson living in South-Eastern Manitoba and have been involved with Dressage Winnipeg for many years.

Thank you for your interest in this Directory. Please tell everyone you know who should be on here...

Myriam Dyck

Welcome to the new and improved Manitoba Equine Directory!

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